Jinky Diaz- President

A compassionate woman

Jinky was born and raised in the Philippines in a strong and caring family environment. She is a mother of two beautiful children that she raised on her own. She grew up to love America and all that it stands for and became a US citizen.
Jinky has also experienced real hardship in her life, she survived a domestic violent marriage that despite its hardship, it made her stronger and more determined to help people in need particularly the abused and neglected children.
Her mission now is to help children in need, and she is convinced that a loving and caring environment is essential to a child’s future which she hopes to help make it possible. 
Join her in her mission and help make a child’s future brighter.

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Hank Whittier- Vice-President

A patriot who is committed to the welfare of America. 

Hank grew up in a poor inner-city environment in Boston MA and joined the Marine Corps. After his service to his country he became involved in numerous nonprofit agencies concentrating in helping those in need, particularly veterans and children.
He believes that in order to accomplish your goal, it takes hard work, dedication and staying the course.

His goal and objective now is to make a difference with children living in poverty to give them a brighter and better future. 
Join him in his mission and help make a child’s future brighter.